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Non-Travel COVID-19 Tests

06.20.2022 | News

COVID-19 test for non-travel purposes

We have recently been receiving many inquiries regarding COVID-19 tests for non-travel purposes.

Inquiries include:
“Can I take the COVID-19 test for close contact?”
“I want to get tested for COVID-19 because I have cold-like symptoms.”
“I tested positive using at-home kit so I want to take the COVID-19 test to confirm.”

We can perform COVID-19 tests for non-travel purpose, but you will need a telehealth appointment and consult with our doctor first.

If the doctor decides to recommend the test based on your situation, we will then ask you to come to our site for testing. If you are driving to our office, we will perform the test in your car. If you come on foot or by other means of transportation, we will perform the test outside of the building. Either way the test result will be emailed to you once the result is available, so you do not have to wait after taking the test.

You can talk to our doctor from home during your telehealth appointment and drive to our office for the test at a later time in the day, or you can talk to our doctor in the parking lot in your car and have the test right after your telehealth appointment for a quicker service.

For appointment and inquiries, please feel free to contact us by using the Contact & Appointment Form.