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School Forms for Your Child

06.20.2022 | News

We take care of filling out school forms

If you have school forms that need to be filled out by a physician, please read on for details and requirements.

If your child has received a checkup (annual physical exam) at our office within a year, usually no additional appointments are necessary. You just need to send us the form and we will fill it out for you. Please be sure to enter your child’s name and date of birth on the school form before sending it to us.

You can email us or submit the form in person at our office.

The normal turnaround time is up to one week.

Once complete you have the option to have the form emailed back to you, or to pick it up in person.

*We do offer expedited service for an additional fee.

Any non-school related forms may be subject to fees and charges, such as summer camp forms.

For appointment and inquiries, please feel free to contact us by using the Contact & Appointment Form.